Google Colors


Duffy, our labradoodle, was enjoying his morning off-leash play in a field with seven other dogs. Always delightful… watching them interact. Every character is unique. Like people, but less inhibited.

Each day there is a slightly different mix of people and dogs. Regulars come and go.

One morning, a man I see about once a week was there. In the past, I had overheard someone talking to him, asking him what it was like to work at Google…

I was chatting with a relatively talkative woman whose dog I had just met, when the Google guy started walking away with his pooch in tow. She rather abruptly pointed his way and said, “Oh… he works at Google.”

Her comment surprised me a bit, because I didn’t think she knew him. She hadn’t exchanged with him the usual greeting between regulars. I said, “Yes… I’d heard that.”

She smiled at my pun, “No… I mean… his hair is dyed in the Google colors.”

Ahh… she wasn’t aware that my pun had been entirely unintentional. I hadn’t been aware that the Google guy was so cool. I said, “I’m colorblind.”

I never mean this as an offense or defense, but it usually feels that way. Her reaction was very matter of fact. She said, “Can you see that there are lighter and darker stripes?”

“Now that you mention it… yes.”

“Well… those are different colors.”

Then she changed the subject.

I still have no idea what the Google colors are.

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