Green Trees

Painting by Richard Gayton

Architecture… the assembly of materials by a variety of craftspeople into a unique building that becomes far more than the sum of its parts. Walter Gropius eloquently and romantically referred to architecture as frozen music. After eliminating several career options, largely because of my colorblindness, architecture became my path of choice. I was first exposed to it in a high school drafting course. I was good at drawing, and loved geometric puzzles… which seemed to be important skills of this profession.

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Challenging Careers

Colorblindness is generally described as a minor inconvenience. For many of us this is a vast understatement. I would appreciate your help cataloging a comprehensive list of careers impacted by colorblindness.

Depending upon the type and severity of one’s color vision deficiency, it is difficult to pursue the careers listed below. Even those that successfully enter these professions will likely struggle to be among the top in their field.

I welcome any feedback in the comments, but am particularly interested in the following:

  • Occupations that should be added to the list below, and why.
  • Additional reasons the following jobs are particularly challenging.
  • Uplifting stories of how you overcame obstacles to thrive in these professions.
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A Shrinking World


Once I chose to pursue architecture as a profession, I began looking for any related job to get me started. Architecture firms weren’t interested in hiring high school students, but I did find a job listing for a local company that specialized in building scale models for architects. In spite of my young age, I figured that my experience with graphics and architectural drafting would give me an advantage over most people that would pursue this part-time, low-paying assembly job.

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Water Colors


Starting in middle school, I became a tropical fish hobbyist. Not one to go half-in on anything, I gradually accumulated more than twenty aquariums in my bedroom. I bred, raised, and competed best-in-show gouramis. I coaxed varieties of catfish to breed that hadn’t previously spawned in captivity, which enabled me to start a business selling them to local stores.

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